mean|ing1 [ `minıŋ ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount the thing, action, feeling, idea, etc. that a word or words represent:
Move this word and you change the meaning of the sentence.
get/catch someone's meaning (=understand what they are saying): I'm not sure I get your meaning.
layers/shades of meaning (=different meanings that are not obvious): Examine the writing closely, and you discover multiple layers of meaning.
a ) the ideas that signs, symbols, or ways of behaving represent:
It seems that the clothes have a deep religious meaning.
b ) the ideas that writers, artists, musicians, etc. try to express in their work:
This poem's real meaning has always been a puzzle.
2. ) singular or uncount the special importance or purpose of something:
meaning of: The book tackles important questions, such as the meaning of life.
meaning to: There didn't seem to be any meaning to her work.
meaning for: Religion has little meaning for many people today.
something loses its meaning: Times change and ancient customs lose their meaning.
know/not know the meaning of something INFORMAL
used for emphasizing how much or little you understand something:
Hungry? You don't know the meaning of hunger.
what's the meaning of this? OLD-FASHIONED
used for angrily asking why someone has done something that you do not approve of
mean|ing 2 [ `minıŋ ] adjective only before noun
communicating a feeling or intention very clearly

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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